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Protesters & Baseball
By Scott Kline


July 27, 2006

Although I didn't get to see the 4th parade I feel as though the letters to SitNews pretty much filled me in on the whole thing. I must say after living in California for seven years i somewhat feel as though I have seen it all. It strikes me funny how these people would protest the war right here in little ole Ketchikan, during the 4th of July parade. I mean if these were real protesters wouldn't they be at Tongass and Jefferson to show that they were for real? wouldn't they be down town during the cruise ship docking expressing their thoughts? I think their objective was to grab a spotlight during an event that was big for here, and you know what? They won, they made us mad because of their actions, and best of all we expressed it on SitNews. We told them we were mad, we told them how distasteful it was, we let them have their spot light. so might I suggest that next time, don't give it to them, don't acknowledge them, turn away, and don't mention it any where. That's just what they wanted and they got it. Like I say if they were for real they wouldn't just do it on the fourth of July in little ole Ketchikan, Alaska.

On another note, I am the very proud father of two athletic girls who have made a lot of Allstar teams. Most of you might know my oldest daughter Kalli from baseball. She made Allstars every year from AAA to juniors. She didn't make it because I'm a coach, she didn't make it because I'm a board member, she made it from what I would call extra innings. She set her sights, set her goals, and worked a lot of extra innings. Yes she had natural talent I will admit, but it was her determination that has kept her in the game for so long. If I were to log in how many extra innings she has put in it would seem like a part time job. we spent many a hours at the fields at Point Higgins and Dudley. She has been to baseball camps and will also say she had one of the finest coaches ever and that is Tom Craig (TC).

I don't think it's right for us to say that baseball is political. If it really were political she may have never been able to step on the field. Baseball is volunteering ,supporting, coaching, spectating, concessions, umpiring, and anything else you want to throw in there, but I just don't think political belongs there, not when it comes to kids. For the mothers that didn't think it was fair, become a coach. If a female can play it, a female can coach it. Just ask Rhonda (Knight)Bolling, she coached AAA with her son and if I remember right she was a contender. So look at yourself and your athlete and set some goals and set your sights and go for it. That's what Kalli and I did and look where it got her, 6 championship teams in seven years. Any child can do it if they want to put in the extra innings.

Scott Kline
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "Resident for 11+ years, proud father of Kalli and Cassidy Kline, Veteran,U.S. Navy 84-88, member American Legion Post #3"


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