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If You Want My Vote
By Samuel Bergeron


July 27, 2006

If you're running for state government and you want my vote (In no particular order and not all inclusive):

1) Sell the State jet and reinstate the longevity bonus (partially from the proceeds of the sale of the jet). To eliminate the longevity program, then buy a jet ( cause we need one ) and travel the world in it, is not good public policy to say the least.

2) Start acting more like former Governor Hammond: humble (he flew commercial and coach class), sensible, sincere, open and only beholden to the people he served, not the special interest groups who want to take our money and resources. He shared his vision of what the future may bring (he's the father of the Permanent Fund Dividend) and he spoke to us, even when he wasn't up for re-election. Jay listened to the people that elected him and he thought that a 50/50 split with the oil producers was fair and equitable to all. The Reason we are talking about a much less of a share for Alaskans is because our leaders are much less than Jay was.

3) Lose the notion that oil taxes and the gas line are one issue; they're not.

4) Build an Alaskan gas line, not one that exports affordable energy and jobs to Canada and elsewhere. Not to mention we'll go broke defending "the largest private construction project of all time" from terrorist attack.

5) Lose the notion that unless we come to some convoluted agreement with the oil producers this special session that ties a gas line to oil taxes, the world will fall off its axis; it won't. Modestly raise oil taxes now. Eliminate the economic limit factor. Stand firm that if the producers want our gas; it's a stand alone issue that sinks or swims on its own.

6) Pledge your allegiance to the people you serve, not the party or caucus you belong to. Never vote contrary to the interests of your district because you are directed to by your political party or caucus, even if you swore on a stack of bibles in your caucus that you would vote the party line (in the Senate Majority Caucus you take an oath to join).

7) Make darn sure we get our share of the State capital (construction) budget. The last two years we got almost nothing considering the bridge money will never be used. Thanks Bert. Thanks Jim.

8) Don't take out ads saying how concerned you are about Schoenbar Middle School and the Swan Lake electrical intertie when you have done zero to fund, fix or complete them. Be honest.

9) Start talking about using the bridge money for transportation projects other than a bridge to Gravina Island that will never be built. Quit wasting our time and hopes on a non-starter like the bridge; let's build something more within our means and let's have a discussion on what that might be and get our people to work.

10) Tell us what your positions are on these very important issues rather than taking out ads that say nothing other than you care about kids and our elders or that you're a family man. Talk to us about the issues; tell us why we should vote for you and what you think is the best policy for Alaska and why.

Samuel Bergeron
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "I live and work in Ketchikan and love the State and City I live in.I've served on the Gateway Borough Assembly and I'm the past Tribal council President of Ketchikan Indian Community. I also served on the tribal council as a member. I have six years deliberative body experience. I'm planning to run for office this fall, I am still deciding on the position I will seek."


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