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Tax or Not to Tax or even Tax Higher
By Marvin Seibert


July 27, 2006

Over the next few months we have three choices: To Tax or Not to Tax or even Tax Higher. It seems that in this day and age everybody's solution to a problem is to levee more taxes. In Alaska, we have groups that want the tourist trade either neutered or out of the state all together. What is their solution? Fifty-dollar a head tax on cruise ships, a third of the gambling profits, and a corporate tax. The backers of these draconian taxes know that if they can wage a successful battle of class warfare and environmental fears that they can successful ruin our tourism and keep people from visiting Alaska. If that is what you want, then vote these changes in.

In California, they are debating raising the cost of energy use at peak times to avoid blackouts. If that was to happen, energy use would not be curbed but the bureaucrats would benefit from the profits. The reason we have blackouts is not because of usage, it is because of the lack of power plants. Nuclear power is safe, but we are the only country that refuses to use it. We build wind farms, then we are told that poor defenseless birds fly into the propellers. Coal is too dirty. Where does it stop? Remember, the environmental movement is the new home for displaced communists and socialists. Given a chance they will tell you how to live every aspect of your life!

A proven method of filling the government treasuries is to cut taxes. President Bush has cut our taxes while in office and our country's economy is booming. An indisputable fact is that the United States' economy in the past 33 months has increased in growth by the TOTAL size of the Chinese economy. There's a tidbit there for you people worried about China! Remember when someone says increasing some taxes will benefit some group of people they are dead wrong, it is a way of controlling behavior and nothing else!

By the way, where are all the hurricanes this year? We are near the halfway point of summer and supposedly global warming was going to increase the frequency and strength of storms yet again. Luckily the Kyoto Protocol was never signed. If it had been, we would be forced to buy carbon credits on the open market to support our economy and lifestyle. Can you imagine what gas and home utilities would cost if that would have been signed? This is just another case of costly taxes trying to control the way we live.

Think hard before voting to increase taxes, because they will be with you forever!

Marvin Seibert
Colorado Springs, CO - USA


About: I currently reside in Colorado Springs and enjoy visiting Ketchikan and all it's friendly people.



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