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Picturesque City
By Bill Thomas SR.


July 27, 2006

Dear Sitnews,

I read with interest what this couple from Texas wrote regarding their admiration and the reasons they liked Ketchikan on their visit. What was positive, was very positive. And those other taxi encounters are a real embarrassment. If our economy is going to be based on the visitor industry then we best learn how to provide comfortable and friendly amenities.

Competition is the key to success. And we're going to see more of it. We can expect big bucks to survive the rules of local governments and bring in better service that is more affordable. In my estimation, that is why any new outlet is met with such fury when they express interest in setting up business in Ketchikan. This letter from the visitor should serve as a wake up call.


Bill Thomas SR.

About: Ketchikan reident since 1963.


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