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The Government is Here to Help
By Alan Lidstone


July 27, 2006

On Wednesday, July 24th, 2006, the Washington Post reported that "The federal government will need to either cut spending or raise taxes down the road to pay for extending President Bush's recent tax cuts, the Treasury Department said in a report released yesterday, dismissing the idea popular with many Republicans that such sacrifices can be avoided."

The President, the Administration, and the Republican members of Congress keep telling us that the economy is doing great and we should sleep well knowing what a great job they are all doing.

What I've noticed over the last six years is that:

(1) Energy Costs have been increasing at a dangerous rate. My electric costs are up about 50% in six years and vehicle fuel costs have risen from $1.30/gallon to over $3.00/gallon.

(2) Hundreds of major US corporations have eliminated providing medical care for retirees.

(3) Hundreds of major US corporations have eliminated defined benefit retirement plans for their employees. In addition, a record number of US corporations have declared bankruptcy and turned significantly under-funded pension plans to the Federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, increasing the deficit for this Federal Agency from $2 Billion Dollars to over $20 Billion Dollars and climbing.

(4) The President and his Administration made an intensive effort to gut Social Security retirement benefits for tens of million of Americans that fortunately failed.

(5) The Administration has gone from inheriting an annual $300 Billion Dollar surplus in the Federal Budget to increasing the total deficit by almost 3 Trillion Dollars.

(6) Homeland Security officials tell us that there is no way to inspect incoming cargo containers from foreign countries, reduce the number of illegal aliens coming into the country, or stop employers from violating Federal laws regarding the hiring of illegal aliens. Homeland Security did manage to intercept and seize approximately 40,000 consignments of prescription drugs mailed from Canadian pharmacies to U.S. citizens (reported by CNN on July 25, 2006).

I would deeply appreciate if the Government would stop trying to help us.


Alan Lidstone
Venice, FL - USA



About: Alan Lidstone is a retired systems engineer and retired Naval Officer and is a freelance RV lifestyle writer.


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