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By Mike McColley


July 12, 2006

I have been very busy this year with my son making sure he makes it to practice for baseball, umpiring and working in the concession stand.

It is 13-16 year-old league on the big field in Ketchikan where my son pitches, played 2nd & 3rd, and played catcher and shortstop. The public saw him go on a rampage at batting where he ended the entire season between a 700 to 800 batting average and the highest on base average.

His coach quit and the second coach down seemed to do a good job and the kids played hard for him.

But the one concern is that it seems really unfair for a child that makes it to every game, plays hard, and has the best batting average not to make All-Stars, I believe every coach that had a son and was coaching, his son made All-Stars. My son didn't make the 15-16 year old All-Stars and I believe the league really let him down.

I believe the league has a lot of problems with the way the kids are chosen and who chooses them. Mrs. Pearson called me and asked if my son wanted to play All-Stars. He said yes. Then I asked her if there was a certain person that has kept my son from playing All-Stars. I believe it has been 4 years in a row, which his kid has made All-Stars every year since he started playing and who was playing most of the season for high school.

But those kids made it with a lower batting average and I find it unfair and disgraceful. And the kids that get the free ride, I wonder just how they feel getting it?

Mike McColley
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Mike McColley is a long time resident of Ketchikan.



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