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The real end-game of the radical environmentalist
By Marvin Seibert


July 11, 2006

Communism is a 19th century idea where labor is view as the main source of income. Environmentalism is taking half-truths or unproved theories and bases laws off of them; Global warming is an excellent example of that. Scientist who try to disapprove those theories are shouted down as "Dangerous" "Immoral" or you don't care about our Planet The radical Environmentalist does not care about the facts, just their end goal, which is to curb or shut down this terrific economic machine we have in the United States called Free Enterprise. They will do it incrementally not all at once; the boiling frog is a good example. Raise the temp 1 degree a minute and he will not notice when he dies but try to do it all at once and he will jump to something safer. The real Environmentalist ought to be outraged by the way their movement has been co-opted by the radical left.

This planet has been around for 6 billion years and has seen temperatures on the average rise and fall, which is an indisputable fact! Our history only goes back a short blink of an eye compared to the total time the Earth has been here. It has survived countless collisions with Asteroids, Volcanic eruptions and now the radical left. Now we are told that 6 billion + people on Earth are going to bring this planet to its knees, how arrogant can you get when something as insignificant as the human race could actually affect our Planet's stability. To the radical Environmentalist it does not matter it is all about control. He who controls the use of carbons controls humanity.

Communism always takes a mass population of people and feeds them half-truths in much the same way that environmentalist give us only part of the story so that they can convince a smaller minority to shout down a disbelieving majority.

When we hear terms like "Minorities suffer more from pollution then anybody" it is said to make us all feel bad and so we aren't labeled a racist we all will conserve or give up something that we want to do. Accomplishments are being stifled in the name of environmentalism. The Human Race is not allowed to reach its potential.

Should people conserve when they can absolutely. Should they be forced to? NO! Life is all about choices to make, your choices. Those choices should not be coerced from you by law or economic depravation. This nation has always come together in times of national emergencies but faulty theories and what-ifs do not qualify as an emergency.

So you have displaced Communists and Socialists that have found a vehicle to forward their views to control us, where freedom will not exist. It seems good people are willing to do nothing in response to this veiled threat but sit back and watch because they are afraid of being labeled or called names. This is how the frogs get boiled!

Whatever your point of view, write your congressman, inform yourself with different points of view, get involved, get the facts indisputable facts. If you don't you just might turn out to be that proverbial frog!

Marvin Seibert
Colorado Springs, CO - USA

About: " I currently reside in Colorado Springs and enjoy visiting Ketchikan and all it's friendly people."



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