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Rotary Youth Exchange
By Marrissa Barker


July 11, 2006

I really wanted to write something on SitNews for everyone to read! Cause I thought it would be a great way to say thank you! I would like to say thank-you to Rotary! They made it possible for me to go away for a year to another country overseas and have the time of my life! I got to experience so much! I got to meet 4 new families - well I say I got to meet 6 because I count the other exchange students as a family, and also my school friends. I got to experience a new way of living, different customs, different food, different language, everything! I got to do all this because of Rotary! It really honestly is an amazing program!

I never heard of this program till i got into school! I would definitely recommend to any kid that wants to go away for a year to learn a new life style, language, everything to do this program. Any kid who is willing to stay strong through the tough times cause you will find it is not all fun and games. It really is a learning experience! It really teaches you a lot and makes you grow up. You will learn to be independent. you will learn that you have to face the problems that come. You can't go around them! I could go one forever! But until you do this program, you will learn that after being away for a year, that year will stick to you forever. You will see yourself in everything you do, thinking back and remembering something you did. You come home and you think it is weird to hear English everywhere and awesome when you here the language you learned! It is just absolutely amazing!

I would like to say it again. Thank you so much Rotary for letting me have the chance to have an amazing life learning adventure for a year! I couldn't ever imagine not doing that! Thank you!!!!!!

Marrissa Barker
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: "17 year old girl who just got back from an amazing year in Germany!"



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