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By Anita Hales


July 11, 2006

I agree 100% with Gerry Olmstead. I too was offended by the peace-niks in the parade. Our country's freedom was bought and paid for with the blood of soldiers. Peace is maintained by maintaining our military. If we had no soldiers, we would have no peace.

I also truly believe we are bringing peace to the middle east by being there. Saddam murdered his own people. His sons were even worse. If we had stopped Hitler before he got started, we could have avoided millions of deaths and a world war.

Maybe we were a little idealistic in our expectations but it is that very idealism which separates us from the rest of the world. We feel it is human nature to want to be free. We have misjudged in that there is a large contingent of religious fanatics that would rather kill than let people be free.

It was that way before we got there. We're just seeing it firsthand. I also take exception to the ACLU claiming it is a privacy issue to use an illegal substance in the home. I speak of the recent court decision claiming Alaska's new law infringes on the right to privacy in marijuana use. This whole "privacy" issue has become twisted. It was never meant to include illegal practices in the home. If we extend this thinking, it's OK to practice incest, physical abuse of all kinds and even murder as long as it's in the home. Why did they limit this so called "privacy" to one ounce? Why not a pound? If an ounce is OK, why isn't a pound OK? The thinking is ludicris.

So now I've vented. I guess I better go eat breakfast.

Anita Hales
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: About: 40+ years residing in Ketchikan.


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