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An open letter to Sealaska and Sealaska's original shareholders
By Michael Nelson


July 06, 2006

Since Sealaska intends a vote on the descendent issue, I have a suggestion that only Sealaska's original remaining shareholders should be allowed to decide if descendents should be allowed to join the rolls of Sealaska. In other words, if a shareholder received his/her shares due to gifting or other means and is not an original shareholder, they should be ineligible to cast a ballot for this issue. If Sealaska is serious about "our" deciding whether descendents should be allowed to be part of Sealaska, Sealaska should let the original shareholders decide, not those who stand to benefit from the dilution of Sealaska's stock.

Michael Nelson
McLean, VA - USA

About: "A former resident of the First City and currently, an original Sealaska Shareholder who lives in McLean, Virginia."


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