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The Global Warming theory and what-ifs!
By Marvin Seibert


July 04, 2006

Oh, the what ifs! Ms Price, I can not see quoting The National Academy of Science as a whole. Look at there makeup. They have opinions and scholar covering every aspect of mankind. As in my previous letter you should pick climatologist to comment about the climate. If is unfair to have a Glacier scientists give his opinion about global Warming. He just presumes that Global Warming is man-made and tells it what effect it has on his glaciers. Of course we are supposed to take that as fact since he is a scientist.

Mr. Jay Jones' short letter is explementary he says in a few short sentences what I have to be long winded about. Way to go!

The National Academy of Science as a whole is less believable then if they would have scientist in their respective fields do the research and write there opinions. Let them give us cold-hard facts! How do they separate man-made pollution from what given off by volcanoes? How can any temperature record not be a guess after you go back 170 years, and now you quote 650,000 years? Those kinds of jumps in logic give less creditability to your claim. All Facts should be examined not just the ones supporting the man-made global warming view. Today scientist now seem to come up with an end and work backwards to find facts as they see them to support their view. Whatever happened to true science having hypnotists and working towards an end to see where it does take you? Politics if you don t tow the official line funding is cut off and that is sad.

If you doubt it look what happen to the Nobel Peace Prize. It used to be a respectable organization but has slid into the political arena and all you need to qualify is to talk against the United States. Jimmy Carter is a fine example of that!

Recently a few days ago Al Gore was on the Jon Stewart show promoting his Inconvenient Truth documentary. He states that in the slide show that we have 10 years till the Earth will be destroyed beyond repair. He also states that he has been showing that particular slide show for 13 years. By my calculations the end of world went right by us 3 years ago and we missed it, bet it was spectacular!

We should not base our actions on what-ifs. I base my actions on facts. If people want to drive smaller cars, have solar power panels at there house, use blended gasoline or wind power that is fine. I object to a small minority of people with some high-handed notion that all of us should follow suit or be forced to.

There are lots of examples of what-ifs. What if the Cascader Fault was to cause a major tidal wave in the pacific northwest, it hasn t stop people from building on the coast there and they are overdue for that to happen. San Francisco was destroyed in the early 1900s with a major earthquake but we still built there again anyway. Krakatau Volcano exploded with the largest explosion in Human History in 1883. The blast was heard 3000 miles away, the tidal wave actually went over the island of Java killing 25,000 people back then. The tidal wave ended at the west coast of South America but we still build and vacation there what if that happens again. Mankind can not stop living just because of what may happen. We don t need the get in the cellar and honker-down mentally; our society will stagnate!

In the end we all should find ways to conserve, but to come up with cataclysmic what-ifs to force us to is DEAD WRONG! To say the Man-Made global warming debate is over that is wrong, a good scientist is always looking for more facts not a political end.

Marvin Seibert
Colorado Springs, CO - USA


About: "I currently reside in Colorado Springs and enjoy visiting Ketchikan and all it's friendly people."

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