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So Cindy Sheehan is going on a "hunger strike for peace"?
By Mark Neckameyer


July 04, 2006

I am going to reject the great temptation to comment about how Ms. Sheehan is better suited than most of us to miss a few meals. I wonder though, if the next batch of murderous terrorists, like the ones captured this week in Toronto buying tons of explosives with plans to blow up Canada's Parliament building and principal landmarks will feel deterred by Ms. Sheehan's hunger strike? Canada has been much more accommodating of illegal immigrants from the Middle East than we ever were. Canada's government and media condemn our actions in Iraq as much as Ms Sheehan and her fasting buddies, Dick Gregory, Susan Sarandonm, et al yet eighteen good Canadian Muslim extremists were set to murder lots of innocent Canadian citizens. Had they known about the "Rolling Fast" as Ms. Sheehan calls it, would they have been deterred?

There is a war going on. We are kind peaceful people by nature but unless we fight including bombing and killing some of the people trying to kill us we will eventually lose this war and our peaceful values will be lost in the trash heap of history. The Declaration of Independence we celebrate this week as the blueprint of our democracy would never have seen the light of day two hundred plus years ago had not brave young Americans taken up arms to fight to protect the values they believed in, the values we take for granted now. If George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere and all the others we call our original patriots had just stopped eating to protest British domination, what would have happened to our Democratic ideas? Let's ask Cindy Sheehan, maybe over lunch some time?

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA


About: "I am a semi retired accountant living in California. I love Alaska for the fishing and outdoor lifestyle and am about a year away from full retirement; plannng to spend as much summer as possible in Alaska."


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