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Rash of Vehicle Thefts and Break-ins


July 25, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - According to the Ketchikan Police Department, since the beginning of July, six motor vehicles have been stolen in Ketchikan and fourteen other vehicles have been entered and have had valuables stolen.

According to Rich Leipfert, Ketchikan's Director of Public Safety, most of the stolen vehicles have been recovered. He said a common problem in the vehicle thefts is people leaving keys in their vehicles. Regarding break-ins Leipfert said, "Having valuables visible on the front seat seems to be an invitation for thieves who seem not to be able to pass up an opportunity to break into a car or truck."

Police are urging Ketchikan residents and visitors to remove valuables and lock their cars.

Leipfert said, "Police officers cannot be everywhere and the police department relies on the eyes and ears of citizens to report suspicious activity."

The Ketchikan Police Department welcomes any information you might have. Reports can also be made to Crime-stoppers which is an on-going program that even pays a reward for information leading to arrests. The number for crime-stoppers is 225-CLUE (2583).



Source of News:

Ketchikan Police Department



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