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State Will Intervene in Yakutat Timber Decision


July 15, 2005

Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski today expressed his strong support for allowing work to continue under the 690-acre Forest Service blowdown timber sale in Yakutat.

"This Administration stands for the conservation and full utilization of natural resources. The timber, which has blown down in Yakutat, will be wasted and left to rot if not utilized. With a crew available in Yakutat to harvest this timber, it is a shame that the Federal District Court for the District of Alaska refused to let the work go forward", the Governor said.

The State of Alaska is joining in a motion today to tailor the injunction to allow certain work to continue. If that motion fails, the Governor directed Attorney General David Marquez to look into an appeal of the Court's July 12, 2005 decision to enjoin the work. "He directed the Division of Forestry to determine the availability of state timber in the Yakutat area to keep the crew, that is currently there, employed while the courts review the decision." Representatives of the Murkowski Administration have been in contact with the Under Secretary for Natural Resources, Environment, and Agriculture to express the Governor's concern.

"Professional foresters must take back management of the Tongass National Forest from the environmental groups which are attempting to manage the forest through litigation", Murkowski said.


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