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Renovation continues under plastic wrap


July 13, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - The major repairs to the construction of the acute care patient wing at Ketchikan General Hospital, which opened in 2000, continues on schedule. The City of Ketchikan has contracted with Dawson Construction to carry out the repair. Begun in May, the tear-down phase of the exterior stucco and support system has now been completed.

jpg Ketchikan General Hospital

Ketchikan General Hospital

In order to work on the shell of the building while protecting patient rooms, a temporary sheetrock wall has been constructed two feet in from the windows in every room. An engineered scaffolding system was then erected outside and then completely covered in plastic. Within this "baggie", workers removed the damaged stucco and bolts.

The recovery phase of the project is now underway, with spray foam insulation being applied this week. Metal siding will be applied to the surface, and that portion of the work should be underway in August. The tentative completion date for the entire process is mid to late October.

The upper and lower parking garages are still in use. However, due to the scaffolding near the front entryway, the Borough Bus no longer pulls up to the hospital's front door. The bus stop, with a shelter, is now located on Tongass Avenue at the base of the driveway.

"We recognize that this is a stressful time for all, especially patients and patient care staff in the medical wing," said Pat Branco, CEO. "Our top priority is excellent patient care and safety," he said.

Employees are doing as much as possible to boost morale. Posters and handouts for new patients describe KGH as "The Hospital in the Glad Bag", and employees send "Glad-grams" to co-workers - appreciative messages in zip-lock bags, containing chocolates or gladiolas - to help keep spirits up.



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Ketchikan General Hospital

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