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Looking for relatives
By Sarah Rogers


July 30, 2005

I'm looking for my relatives Olofson and Gary Brown. I am a grand daughter of Adolof Olofson. My mom is Sue Olofson. I also had a Uncle Jack (John) Olofson, Uncle Oscar Olofson, cousin Jackie who is the daughter of Colleen Lykken and her mom was Soffia Duffy/Olofson. We lived in Ketchikan until 1977. I would appreciate hearing from any of my relatives.

Also, I have been looking for my natural father, Gary Brown, since 1980. Gary lived in Ketchikan from approximately June 1977 to approximately August 1979. He worked at the Fireside restaurant as a bartender. In 1965 he also lived in Ketchikan and worked at a 76 gas station and the waste plant which may have been in Saxman. Gary and I were acquainted for about 6 months before our family moved to Oregon. Gary would be between 57 and 63 years old now. He had salt and pepper hair and blues eyes back in 1977. Also, Gary had a great sense of humor. The owners of the Fireside said it was a pleasure to have Gary work for them. Unfortunately, they don't have any more records of their employees.

If anyone would like to contact me about either side of my family, I would greatly appreciate your time and effort.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Sarah Rogers
Henderson, NV - USA




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