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Vote no on $70 million dollar loan
By Robert K. Rice


July 30, 2005

After reading Suzan Thompson and David Hangers' excellent letters regarding the proposed $70 million debt, for the convenience of the cruise ships, I support their stance. Also, if as stated a fee paid by the tourists will repay this loan that we will be responsible for, maybe they (the cruise lines) should just fund the docks themselves. $70 million is pocket change to an industry that literally grosses billions of dollars annually.

No matter what is promised and how it's presented we are still talking about DEBT. Our federal,state and local politicians seem to believe we (the taxpayers) are an unending money supply for anything they can dream up.

We pay for crossing guards and maintenance to our infrastructure that is sorely strained by the sheer numbers of tourists now. I feel like a million or so tourists a summer is plenty.

Let the cruise industry pay for the convenience they desire for their paying passengers. Enough is enough. Vote no on this $70 million dollar loan that we will be responsible for repaying.


Robert K. Rice
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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