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Sick of Government
By Robert McRoberts


July 30, 2005

OK, this highway improvement bill, did I not read what I thought? I must have been "smoking pot". This used to be for fixing our highways. I think we need our highway fixed, before we build more. What's with all the excuses for not being able to drive ether direction of town on good roads? Did you say it cost too much? But we can build a bridge very few even want. Roosevelt Drive, Higgins Spur and all the other road that you can not even tell you're on a road. 

Mrs. Thompson made very good points about the tourist. I too have seen these people come out of their stores and try to persuade them into their stores. I though that was really a low for are community. The rest rooms are another. Where are they? Construction companies supply them on their jobs, but the city does not. Working downtown and having to use the rest room is a task, if you want to give up your parking spot you can drive out to the harbormasters - they've got a really nice rest room. 

Dave Hanger, I thought that was one of your better letters. Just the other day when the cruise companies announced they were cutting back on visits, I had to sit in one of George's chairs to get a tooth taken care of. My thought looking out at the shops, what if they cut back on half the ships? What kind of business would stay down town and who would come back? Would we ever see a Gaffney Men's Wear again or any other local store? We have let the property value of downtown go through the roof. I bet we would see alot of plywood all summer too. What do we do? Oh well, I live outside the city. It seems very important that we have a vote on these things.

The way out is way better than a short step that may never get finished. Don Young is over the hill. Who is going to finish it? It's really time for some fresh blood.

Frank Murkowski, glad you're so happy that you signed a bill for the teachers' retirement but what about workers compensation? We still can not afford to hire employees.  I just get so sick of government. 

Wouldn't it be nice to say good stuff? Oh yeah, I can do that too. Doug glad to see you still care about us.

Opinions are what we all have and I am glad we can let them all out. Some love them some hate them.

Sometimes I can not figure out if I am a Rebel or just another crying for help.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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