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The enemy is not a religion
By Paul Rinderle


July 30, 2005

I disagree with Clifford May's opening premise.

There is but one Islamic ideology and its reflected in its traditions and scriptures. It is all there for all to see. The good and the bad Muslim read it every day.

These Traditions(include Koran) do not have ONE positive, for sure, or absolute interpretation.

The interpretations are the epitome of anarchy. There is no single authority of interpretation at a specific place in the world like that found in Rome and the Catholic Church.

A more important point is that Islam is ideally a CULT (an extremist religion).

It is a way of life i.e. what clothes to wear , what food to eat, acceptable sexual practices, prayer practices, to washing ones body.

Islam is not the typical religion found in America.

More egregiously:

It lets its members decide virtually on the spot who is innocent and then embracing the perpetrator for killing a non Muslim

It kills its own Muslims for Adultery, Apostasy, Gays, and even the victim of a rape who given the impossible task of producing four people who actually saw penetration.

There can be no great civilization that treats its own in such a fashion.  Reality is, there never was a great Islamic Civilization.

Islam is the most insidious CULT ever create. It was created by Muhammad a violent charlatan. It should be no wonder if you read the life of this guy that Islam is violent and always was for 1400 years and still at it, all over the world, wherever you look.

The people of Islam knowingly/unknowingly/willingly/unwillingly are "ALL" part of this CULT.

Islam can never be reformed as it is what it is. Reformation is annihilation.

If you never met the Devil well welcome to the hell of Islam.

Overall I think your interpretation of Islam is a good start for the beginner however it is unrealistic in many ways.

However I agree totally that only MUSLIMS can decide to turn completely on the violent traditions as no outside force is going to force them to change temporarily and still bow to their keeping their "written" traditions of hate. Like the Devil or the proverbial Phoenix it gets beaten down for a century or so but rises again in full violence again.

It's a CULT!  A military organization masquerading as a religion and 1400 years of history bears this out.

Paul Rinderle
Fairfax VA - USA



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