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Burial grounds
By Linda Hansen


July 30, 2005

Now that we are now going to get the bridge, it concerns me. What is going to prevent people in to going and digging up graves for the treasures that were buried with our people?

This happened out at Shakan Bay where people dug up and got a lot of trade beads and other items. I just would hate to see the burial grounds destroyed by the youth or greedy people who think that they can make a profit off of the old antiques.

Yes, I do live in Ketchikan and I do care about what happens to our land. I know the people over on Pennock and Gravina really want the bridge and if I lived over there I would too. But with all the money that they are spending, and yes I know this will create jobs here, you know that they will bring in a down south company in to do the job. But what about the unemployed here? Are they going to hire locals to help with this? Just questions.

I am concerned that the grave site will be raped or just become another tourist attraction. What ever happened to respect and dignity. This saddens my heart.

I hope that the government knows what they are doing. And I hope that our whole town just isn't going to become tourist town USA.

Just my own opinion.

Linda Hansen
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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