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What was the good cause?
By James Llanos Jr.


July 30, 2005

I am sad to say that I agree with Cheryl Dodson, I use to work for KIC and left for my own personal reasons (nothing dealing with KIC). I since moved back to Ketchikan and find that certain things have not improved. In fact they have gotten worse.

I feel that this Tribal Council owes the KIC Membership an explanation as to why they decided to remove KIC's CEO. I feel that as long as they are going to micro manage the Corporation then they to need to answer to someone, that someone is the KIC membership as a whole.

I do not feel that any person should be fired unless there is good cause, so council as a member of KIC I am asking you what was the good cause?

I know what Georgianna has done and I see no wrong in what she has done. I admit that I may not have all the facts and could be wrong so explain to me, explain to the membership and justify your actions by informing and educating us. If the membership does not hold the council accountable for its actions then we are telling them and everyone that we do not care how the organization is run or how good or bad it does just as long as it is there.

Well membership I am telling you now that all councils need to be watched and looked after by the people because if it is not then what you expect to be there, one day may not.

My quote; "Everyone hears what they want to hear but what they hear is not always what is said."

James Llanos Jr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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