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Bridge is to the future of Ketchikan
By Charles J. Reynolds


July 30, 2005

Wow what a beautiful bridge. I am one long time (and ago) Pennock Island resident who is all in favor of the bridge to somewhere. That illustration is gorgeous! Look Don the support nearest the shore is in the tidewater and the next one is well upland. No cemetery will be touched. If anything descendants will have easier access to pay respects and maintain the resting place of their ancestors. It is like a giant monument that you can look at and say "there lies my family member" without desecration.

The drumbeat of the nimbys (not in my backyard) and the bananas (build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything) is resonating loud from the hills of Revillagigedo to the muskegs of Gravina. What do you think the Bananas and Sierra club will have to say about a highway and a bridge to the mainland? Gravina access will be nothing to them compared to crossing what is still truly the last American wilderness (and Canadian).

That bridge is to the future of Ketchikan. There is much potential for growth. Build it and they will come.

Charles J. Reynolds
Oak Creek, WI - USA


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Plans, studies, public comments and other documents regarding the Gravina-Access Project.

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