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Iran: the land of political midgets in training
On the occasion of selection of a new president for Iran
By Bahman Aghai Diba


July 30, 2005

The people and couture of Iran have always demonstrated a great capacity for transforming the extremists, hardliners, despots and politically naïve figures into moderate, civilized and even conservative persons. During the long history of Iran the people of this land have succeeded to absorb and transform the invaders like Alexander, the nomadic Arabs and the barbaric Mongols into civilized persons. However, the process has not been limited to the foreign invaders, and many of the naïve domestic politicians have been trained in Iran too.

Alexander was so fascinated by the Iranian culture and civilization that he accepted many governmental arrangements of Iran. The nomadic Arabs that invaded Iran under the banner of Islam were so incorporated into the government and political system of Iran that gradually they were left with nothing from their Arabic origins except than a few Arabic words with Persian accent. Iranian even wrote the grammar of Arabic language for the illiterate Arabs and the Arabs redistributed the rich Iranian culture all over the world under the cover of Islam. The architecture, fine arts, literature, and philosophy of Iran were spread in many places as the Islamic ones.

The Mongols were among the most barbaric and inhuman races in the world. When they first invaded Iran, in some cities after killing the whole population they killed cats and dogs so that they make everything Iranian disappear. However, it look several decades for Mongols to become so devote Iranian and even Muslims that they took many new steps for spreading the Iranian culture. One of the Mongol kings (Oljaito, the grandson of Mongol Emperor who named himself Sultan Mohammsd Khodabandeh after converting to Islam) came up with a brilliant idea that if he had the time to implement it, many of the present day calculations would have been changed in the region. He ordered the construction of Sultanieh Dome (the biggest dome all over Iran, and one of the greatest historical building in the world situated in Sultanieh near Zanjan of Iran) and he planned to transfer the tombs of all prominent Imams there. Also, the Mongols ruled as the biggest kings of the Indian sub-continent after learning governance in Iran. Almost all big historical monuments of India (including Tajmahal in Agra) belong to the Mongols' area.

These characteristics of Iran are not limited to the foreigners, invaders and aliens. Iran has managed to train many of the domestic naïve politicians in the modern history too. Only in the last 26 years, and during the time that some people call it the second invasion of Iran by the Arabs, an army of illiterate Mullahs (it is funny that Mullah means learned) and their lackeys have been trained in Iran. The on-the-job training has included almost all ministers of the government, the members of the parliament, the ruling gang of the leader's office, the generals of the revolutionary army, the judges of the revolutionary courts, the managers of the state organizations and so on.

Khomieni was the biggest trainee in the Iranian government and politics. It took more than 8 years, killing and injury of over two million people in Iran and Iraq, and thousands of POWs, MIAs and chemically injured people until he came to know that whatever the self-proclaimed generals of the Revolutionary Guards were telling him about capturing Karbela in Iraq was based on ignorance about international politics. He drank the chalice of poison and shortly afterwards he died of the same.

Just look at the so-called " Students Following the Line of Imam". They were a number of self-proclaimed students (many of them did not even know where was the university) that attacked the American Embassy (for the second time!) in Tehran and took the personnel of the embassy as hostage for 444 days and illegally confiscated the documents of the diplomatic premises. Khomeini wanted to arrest them first but later he came to know that the students have found interesting materials about the relations of many of his close allies with the Americans. He supported the move and called this event a "Second Revolution that was even bigger than the first one!" A great number of these so-called students were assigned later to important governmental posts. For instance, Sheihkolislami became the deputy foreign minister for a long time, Mirdamadi became the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committees, most of the others gained important jobs in the ministry of foreign affairs and the intelligence agencies of Iran and a number of them who belonged to the communist party or the MKOs (at that time, they were Islamic Marxists. At the moment no one, including the MKOs, know what they are) were arrested and executed later.

However, the leaders of the invading students are now among the reformists in Iran. Abbas Abdi and many other so-called students after graduation from the school of political midgets have joined the moderate forces and they support reforms. The mullah that apparently administered the so-called students ( Mousavi Khoeiniha) has become so moderate that he has serious problems with the extremist elements in the Islamic Republic. The interpreter of the gang is now a minister in the cabinet of reformist cabinet of Khatami (Masoumeh Ebtekar, known as Mary). Most of the prominent "students in the line of Imam" admit that they would have not participated in the American embassy takeover if they could turn the clock back. It is interesting that during the time that it was said the president-elect of Iran was a members of the student gang who attacked the American embassy, the Iranian Islamic government made propaganda that he was not a party to this shameful act. They had forgotten that this was an honor for a long time.

The ruling trainees in the Islamic Republic, with different but often low level of IQ, hardly believed that what they have established is only a corrupt structure with a tint of religion. Nobody could convince people like Gholam Hussein Karbaschi (the former Mayor of Tehran), and Attaollah Mohajerani, the former Deputy of the President in legal and Parliamentary Affairs and also the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, that the revolutionary courts were Kangaroo courts that condemn people to sentences without due process. The judges of the revolutionary courts were illiterate Mullahs that did not observe even the outdated Islamic codes. However, when these people faced themselves the judicial apparatus that they had themselves helped to establish, they understood the depth of their ignorance. The former Representative of Iran to the United Nations ( Rejaie Khorasani) did not take part in any occasion regarding the United Nations. Asked about the reason he had said: " I am not a man of the UN Charter". It is interesting that after the long tenure of his representation in the United Nations he recommended that Iran quitted that the United Nations Organization!

The new president

The recent elections for the presidential post was an opportunity that one of the mullahs that had been trained by spending many dollars and many lives in Iran, take the post of presidency in the Islamic Republic. However, the corrupt Household of the Leadership chose a naïve peasant called Dr. Ahmadinejad (the title that reminds the people of the Iranian secret police and intelligence interrogators who were call themselves as Dr. all the time) through widespread electoral riggings.

Ahmadinejad is another " Zero-Kilometer" zealot that has been catapulted to the post of presidency by the Iranian Supreme Leader's mafia. Couple of years later he will understand the realities of the world and you can see him to set aside the clothes that he had borrowed from the Iranian street sweepers and like Khatami (he was famous for wearing high priced "Aba", the Mullah's robe) put on the state of the art attires. He will join the line of many of the Iranian leaders after the Islamic revolution that have teachers for various things including English language tutors that accompany them as members of the entourage.

The new president will not do anything in the line of combat against corruption as he claimed in the electoral campaigns. The slogans about political and economic corruptions, although seemed to be aimed at Rafsanjani and his family, could be applied to many of the circles that helped implant Ahmadinejad. The gang of the Supreme Leader that is concentrated in a unit called " Baite-Rahbari" (the Household of the Leader) is at the center of all corrupt practices in Iran. The main supporters of Ahmadinejad are permanent beneficiaries of this unit. Some of them are: the Kayhan Newspaper headed by Shariatmadari (he is a Deputy of the Intelligence Ministry and he is directly involved in the important crimes of the regime against humanity), Haghani School (a training and indoctrination center for the extremist zealots. The graduates, students and professors of this school are the foot soldiers for all dirty tricks of the power circles), Mesbah Yazdi (the famous theoretician of violence in the Islamic regime of Iran), the commanders of the revolutionary guards (they are heading many legal and illegal commercial institutes in addition to commanding a group of brainwashed zealots), the family of the Supreme Leader and so on. The slogans about redistribution of wealth are not practical. These slogans were custom made for the beginning of the so-called Islamic revolution. At that time it was aimed at confiscating the property of the people. At the moment almost the entire Iranian economic centers, important companies, and almost the entire private sector (there is no real private sector in Iran, and the artificial private sector is a continuation of the public sector) are controlled by the government and the power circles like the Household of the Leader. Ahmadinejad, the obedient servant and pet dog of the power circles of Iran, can do nothing in these fields.

However, Ahmadinenad, before being tamed, will help the anti-Iranian regime of mullahs to work more in the line of: destroying the pre-Islamic heritage of Iran, persuading the Arabic language in Iran, publishing religious books in millions of copies every year and distributing them free of charge inside and outside of Iran, changing the program of the schools and universities by inclusion of religious materials, inserting distorted historical stories (based on the fake sources) in the text books, giving higher priority to the good marks in the courses related to the Islamic things, imposing the barbaric laws of the ancient Arab nomads under the name of Islam to the judicial system of Iran, establishment of hundreds of Islamic theological schools all over the country that produce thousands of a certain type of narrow-minded graduates with and without turbans, expansion of the Islamic rituals like the special congregational prayers under the supervision of the hard-line and low-understanding mullahs, expansion of Islamic propaganda inside and outside the country by using the mass media, especially the radio, TV and cinemas, creation of a kind of division between the people that are called " the insiders and outsiders". The insiders are the sheepish followers of the religion as interpreted by the regime and they are considered as human beings that have some limited rights. The outsiders are worse than animals. The regime does not care who does what to the outsiders. Adding the word of "Islamic" to all governmental and non-government institutions in order to create limitations for the managers. Imposing clear prejudice in favor of the small minority of Iranians that follow the Islamic gibberish of the regime (Even most of this minority does not believe in what is indoctrinated by the regime as Islam), continuing the violation of women's rights, human rights, civil and economic rights of the people and so on.

In the foreign policy side, the nuclear case of Iran will go to the UN Security Council. The regime of Iran will continue the program of producing the nuclear arms with full speed. The Islamic regime of Iran needs the nuclear power only for production of the nuclear bombs; otherwise this regime does not care about providing electricity for the people, especially on the cost of endangering its existence. The extremist elements are not afraid of war or sanctions. They love war. According to all dictionaries of politics, war mongering is a sign of fascism. Khomeini called the Iran-Iraq war a God given blessing many times. This practice will lead to the reference of the Iranian case to the UN Security Council. However, due to the support of the European countries, Russia, China, and the no-aligned movement from the Islamic regime of Iran, nothing tangible will come out of the UNSC for a long time.

Unfortunately, the people of Iran have lost a chance and they have to suffer the consequences of training a naïve figure for several more years.

Bahman Aghai Diba,
Ph.D., International Law
Leesburg, VA - USA

Note: Bahman Aghai Diba, is the Senior Consultant to the World Resources Company in the Washington, D.C. area.

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