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By Steven Booth


July 22, 2005

As a son, I have seen my mother work very long hours dedicating her life to the "Job".

As a son, I have seen her husband wait for her, as he gets upset that dinner is getting cold and wishing that he could spend more time with his wife on his day s home from fishing.

As a son, I have often wondered why my mom would put in so many hours for a seemingly thankless job, let alone just putting in so many long hours.

As a member, I have seen Georgianna Zimmerle put up with the back stabbing politics only in hopes that some will see that the interest of our people is not best served by fighting and back bitting. Our problems, as a community, are not in how we run our business but how we cannot get along as a people.

What do people of the community see or think about KIC? Over the past few years I have seen an attempted recall of our President and unlawful termination lawsuit, all over the front cover of the news paper and now the firing the CEO. For what good reasons are these things happening to my Community, for what purpose does this serve our people?

As a member I do not hear the counsel giving any reasons that would stand the test for removal of our CEO. I only see or hear personal vendettas and abuse of personal power as a council member. Explain to me how this serves our people or how do these things improve our community?

As a member who actively participates and votes to elect the counsel, I require each member who casts a vote to remove Mrs. Zimmerle to make a public announcement to the membership, reasons for their vote to remove the current CEO. These reasons must be in the best interest of our community and have valid clear rational arguments for this termination. If your reasons have anything to do with your opinion of Mrs. Zimmerle s performance then you would need to blame only your self first, for lack of direction, guidelines and expectations of the CEO. On her own without your direction, guidelines or expectations Mrs. Zimmerle has had many accomplishments despite the distractions of a failed recall of our president and a unlawful termination lawsuit that has only weakened our community and set us back for growth.

If you fail to give a reasonable explanation for your actions I will ask that you immediately give your resignation as a member of this counsel and allow competent members to take your seat on this counsel. Members who will perform their elected duties to make decisions that are in the best interest of our community, members who are elected that look ahead, and guide and give clear and realistic directions for our community. And not try to interfere with personnel issues of KIC. You where never elected to resolve or have anything to do with Personnel issues.

Instead of finding fault in the CEO why not fight to get more programs that educate our community. Instead of recalling a president, find ways to get better community participation in voting. Instead of publicly making our community look incompetent by head line after head line of our own personal problems of inside fighting lets see a council that leads KIC as one of the biggest supporters of the community in more then a hand out, but a hand up.

Let's see a council who is elected to serve the people and do the things that are in the best interest of the people, a council that unites the people, and makes our community strong by support and leadership. Let's see and council that does not allow inconsistency, criticisms and personal shortcoming affect the goal of the community but resolves and pushes ahead to make the community a favorable, safe and productive place. If as one people speaking the same language are united as one, then nothing we plan to do will be impossible for us.

I believe if the council does not have valid good reason for the termination of the services of Mrs. Zimmerle and continue to move ahead with their plan then they would be loosing a valuable asset and doing a great disservice of the community and again weakening and hindering the growth of our community. If any of the council members who votes to have Mrs. Zimmerle terminated and does not give a reason for their actions and does not give a prompt and demanded resignation for their failure to give reason, will be petitioned and removed by the membership of the community.

My mother is a good and intelligent person who is doing so much and continues to help people of this community every day, that's what a giving soul she has. She has done more for me then any son could have ever asked from their mother. My mother is a strong Native woman who will show a community her resolve and do everything in her power to not give up on the community.

Ketchikan, AK - USA



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