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RE: Gravina Bridge
By Rob Glenn


July 22, 2005

Mr. McColley this is no way intended to attack you, but I would reply to your statements.

Statement 1. "The people that are voted in and our managers will make the right decisions for the people of Ketchikan."

My View on this.... The people in office right now, what have they done? Right now they increased the charge to go across to the airport (a ploy to make people want the bridge.) The drinking water in town had been declared unsafe and although I have not heard anything recently, the last time they advised people they said they might not be able to clean it. SO that is going to cost us money. I am sure this has been an ongoing problem with the water, not something that just happened. This managers should have known this was going on. It is their job to be held responsible much like the president.

Ward Cove is still polluted. Just go there and look. That pollution is seeping into the water and then into the fish that we eat. Yet there is a denial. Why is there so much cancer in Ketchikan? How much money are our officials who are looking out to us spending on that?

Why is it so expensive to fly out of Ketchikan? Because there are a lot of taxes at the airport built on Bourough property.

Statement 2. "Plus it will bring in more land taxes for the borough which will help keep ours down I hope."

My view: Wishful thinking. Ever hear "once the lion tastes human blood he won't go back to the forest?" Once they get the taste of more money do you really think they are going to leave our taxes alone? "No new taxes" another famous statement, but it is all wishful thinking. They are going to make money where they can. And taxes are something we can't do anything about.

Statement 3. "I think the bridge will open up alot of land and ways to get to and from Pennock and Gravina, resources and other roads that are not gated like some in Ketchikan."

My View: Sure it will open land. But how much more money will it cost to build the roads out there? No one talks about that. All they mention is the cost of the bridge. Cost ='s more taxes. Ketchikan is gated. Why not spend the money and build a road to the main land? Can you imagine how much business opportunities that would open up?

A road to the rest of North America or a road to a lightly populated island. Which seems more likely to increase growth?

Last statement: "Would like to see it though and so would a lot of others in Ketchikan."

My view: Go up and talk to the everyday Ketchikan residents on the streets. Ask them. I dont think that the over all population is big on this bridge. Simply say, "how do you feel about the bridge?" I think the answers would suprise you. Sure some want the bridge, but I bet a lot don't. And is a bridge something we really want the cruise ship passengers to see in our pristine land?

Mr. McColley I want to stress this is not addressed as an attack on you personally, however; there are a lot of issues that no one brings up. You wont see anything questionable in our little good ol' boys run newspaper about it. Other then our representative saying if we oppose the bridge we are smoking pot. Let's get the money, but if they keep using money incorrectly, do you think down the road the federal government is going to be so willing to give money to us?

Rob Glenn
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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