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The Pakistani terorist threat to Britain
By Mark Neckameyer


July 22, 2005

It is virtually impossible for open societies like Britain or like ours here in the USA to protect mass transit and high population density sites like shopping centers from terrorist bomb attacks.  The Brits were already on high alert because of the cowardly July 7th bombings and yet the homicide bombers were able to place several new bombs on subways and buses Thursday.  Planes load a hundred to a few hundred passengers over a half hour or so. They can be protected.   Individual subway cars load and unload hundreds of passengers from each car at every stop during rush hour.  Even if we could come up with a way to sniff out bombs, where would the sensors be located?  As a  terrorist moved into a terminal and was detected, the alarm would go off and authorities would be faced with a homicide bomber already inside security perimeters?  It is a hopeless exercise as today's events in London demonstrates.
Most individuals of Pakistani heritage in the UK are law abiding people.  A number of them are apparently sworn to kill and maim innocent British subjects for reasons we cannot understand.  The perpetrators are young Pakistani men who have been trained in Pakistan who are apparently angry with Britain or with the West in general.  Unfortunately the only logical solution is to send all Pakistanis, first and second generation, back to Pakistan.  This solves the problem for good.  This is not a politically correct answer but if there are more bombings this will become the politically popular solution.  It would save lives. 
The next move is up to British Pakistani leadership.  Control your criminal element or be sent back to South Asia.

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA






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