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Public Service
By Cecelia Johnson


July 22, 2005

I was at the IRA Council meeting and attend as many as my schedule will allow.  I do not understand the action of the council members who voted to let the General Manager go but I have to support their decision.  The time the General Manager has been in office she has done a great job. As a tribal member I have noted more communication efforts by upper management. My background in social services guides me on everyday decisions so I do not question but strive to understand and strive to support each side.  I will attend the upcoming July 25, 2005 meeting and hopefully will obtain information regarding this latest council action. 
I consistently encourage support of  each other.  We need to keep our staff in mind who work tirelessly and professionally in their job and the council members who leave their family and attend endless committee meetings and who travel on our behalf. 
May God Bless all tribal members who have chosen public service.

Cecelia Johnson
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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