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Hiring locally
By Dawna Vigil


July 19, 2005

In response to Olivia's letter. Most tour guides you see in Ketchikan have been brought in from other states. My sister has been a driver/guide for over 5 years now for the same company and to my knowledge I think that she might be the only local person that drives for them.

In all honesty, most the driver/guides have no idea what they are talking about. They are not from the area and don't have the knowledge a local person might have. Most of these driver/guides are college students so I know their speaking skills aren't bad. It's just that when you don't know what you are talking about it comes out as, "Uh, hey, uh huh, look at that."

I think that the tour companies should really look into hiring more local people. The ads I see in the paper say they will hire local but not that often. I don't know why they spend all that money getting people up there from the states and then having to house them also.

Ketchikan is a beautiful place. In my opinion, I think the tour companies should look into hiring locally. I also worked in the tour industry on and off for many years and heard some pretty funny things come out of some driver/guides mouths. All that were very untrue and left the tourists thinking the complete opposite of what the meaning was suppose to be.
I can say, please hire locally, until I am blue in the face but that won't change anything. They will still bring in people from the states.

Dawna Vigil
Yorktown, VA - USA



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