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By Sharon Fraley


July 18, 2005

On the night of July 3rd, someone physically ripped the flag of the United States of America off the front of our business. It was done with such force, that it ripped the flag in half and literally straightened out the metal hook that it was attached to.

On July 8th, an extremely intoxicated man came into our business and shouted obscenities, threatened my son, and made a scene in front of customers, because he didn t like the fact that we were using the loading zone to pick up (load) orders to be delivered.

On July 17th, after an enjoyable day of fishing with a group of friends at Herring Cove, a complete stranger in a pick up truck stopped in the middle of the road and shouted insane obscenities, made verbal threats, and tried to entice a physical confrontation, because my son had dropped a napkin on the ground while cleaning the fish gurry off his hands. His remarks of you people directed his verbal attack to that of a racist issue, by placing the blame of all littering at Herring Cove, on Alaska Natives.

I have rasied my children as Christians but it is becoming increasingly hard to teach them to turn the other cheek when they are having to constantly witness the insane behaviors of some so-called adults in this town. Such behaviors can be easily witnessed in downtown Anchorage or Seattle, which is exactly why many of us choose to live in a small town. Sadly, the above mentioned incidents are just the most recent events that have occured.

What has happened to the small, hometown advantage of raising children in a place where the people are supposed to look out for each other and practice neighborly love and concern?? Where you don t have to worry about you or your children being verbally and physically attacked by insane strangers, for no good reason?

To you people who choose to act in such an irresponsible, insensitve, inappropriate and unacceptable manner: WISE UP OR PACK UP and move to some other town to do your harrassing!!!

Sharon Fraley
Ward Cove, AK - USA





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