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World changes every day
By Robert McRoberts


July 18, 2005

The good old world changes every day. It is the internet - the thing of the times. If you're reading this, you are using it too.

Do you really thinks that writing your congressman works? What a sucker. You need to get your problems out in public if they mean any thing to your community or world. You're never going to get people to slow down because they're too busy. It's their life.
But wouldn't it be nice to all agree on the same thing? Don Hoff is just protecting his family's past. He is looking out for all his clan and others. We all could use the perfect words, but we're human. The same old thing you say, but you're reading it. And why not the congressman or his friends. We are making a deference. Don Young knows he said the wrong thing. Some people read this just for humor.
You can gripe about paying to ride the ferry to the airport. but at this point in time the ones that use the ferry are paying for it. If you do not go there you should not worry. I would rather drive than fly - if you have not figured that out yet.

Why do you live here? Is it for the money or is it that every time you go out of town you can not wait to get back home? Why do we not have kids that want to hang around here  after school?  so many people have moved on. Where have they gone? Do they miss us? Is life better somewhere else?

We've got it and these people are paying to come see it. Let's make it good.
Have a nice day.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA






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