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Electors Getting Scammed
By Don Hoff Jr.


July 14, 2005

How did this happen? Ketchikan Gateway Borough will look at reimbursing Pacific Log and Lumber owned by Steve Seley for building 2.7 miles of road on Gravina Island. Why? The Borough residents are getting fleeced on this deal. $657,500 for a road that doesn't go anywhere except to his lumber mill. Is Pacific Log and Lumber going to fly their lumber out on Alaska Airlines?

Assembly Member Mike Painter said the borough's goal eventually is to open the road to the public. Now, the Borough has got a road you can t even drive on Mike Painter use to work for Steve Seley and in my opinion has a conflict of interest even talking or voting on this issue. See the picture developing?

Time for a change and vote all those special interest folks out of office before they run you all into the poor house and it might be to late. These same elected officials want you the taxpayer to pay for their infrastructures to be put in place, so you can also pay for their lumber being produced. Double dipping.

These same folks are speculating that the proposed bridge will get funded by Congress and Timber sales go through at local taxpayer expense. You are getting ripped off in my opinion. I believe there may be a chance that the proposed bridge won't get funded, or blocked, or end up in Federal Courts and you can blame your local elected Officials and special interest groups.

In closing, I don't know what to say except vote them out of office at the next election. This is my own opinion,

Don Hoff Jr.
Aan Kadax Tseen
Hixson, TN - USA



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