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Wonderful time in Ketchikan
By Anna Clay


July 14, 2005

Last month my daughter grandchildren, and I traveled through your fine and had a wonderful time. While in Ketchikan we did a few tours including the Duck Tour which kept us close to the water and on land, the grandchildren loved that. The Dolly's Double Decker tour also made me feel young and reminded me of my time in London too many years ago.

Now as you know, your city has a lot of stores and boy did we shop!!! The Cedars Chest, and the Scanlon Gallery where really amazing. But there is one store I would really like to praise Czars Treasure. The owners recreated a museum room which is truly fascinating, the items they carry are unique and very well priced, but more then anything I truly enjoyed their staff. I was assisted by Alexander and Marina, the two worked amazingly well, and Alexander stressed many times their jobs are not to sell items, they are to consult the customer, and inform them of the history of the items and or craft - ultimately helping me, the customer find the right item.

This is a wonderful idea and I hope that more stores run their business this way. We spent quite a bit money at the store and are all very happy about it. It's rare that you truly enjoy spending money and Czars was one of those rare times when I signed my credit card receipt for the 500.00 and change we spent, and handed it over to Alexander with a smile! Even more so I left my phone number and address in case the couple choose to travel to Hawaii, they are welcome in my home.

Thanks Ketchikan, you made my our cruise the best one we've been on.

Anna Clay
Honolulu, HI - USA



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