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By Linda Burger


July 02, 2005

First off, I made a small comment about the rain to emphasize my discomfort. My complaint was not about the rain, but the lack of information regarding the airport ferry!

Secondly, I have spend my whole life in very different circumstances than you. The first thing i learned was not to trust ANYBODY and not to depend on ANYONE for assistance if I'm ever in trouble. I'm not so irresponsible and naive to believe that I can travel the world worry free, thinking that everything is going to fall in my lap. This trip however, was something I could not pass up. Not because I wanted to have fun and be irresponsible, but because I had the opportunity to visit my two sisters that I haven't seen in two years at that time, and I probably won't see again for quite some time.

Third point, in my footnote I referred to a free shuttle that took me to an airport.It was not a big international airport with millions and millions of passengers every year. It was a small domestic airport the size of Ketchikan international airport, located in rural England and the only airline that serves that airport is a very cheap discount airline.

I do not pretend to know everything because I am a "world traveler", as you put it so kindly. The whole point of the letter was just to express my discomfort at the facilities at the airport and to thank someone for their kindness that I know I should be extremely grateful for. Please save yourself further embarrassment and go reread my letter.

Linda Burger
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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