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Afraid of strong women?
By John Stewart


July 02, 2005

Among the pictures on my bookshelves there is one of Ruby Johnson, late of Pennock Is. wielding her "misery whip" to win the sawbuck contest many years ago. She kept that saw razor sharp and polished, ready for use until her death in the Eighties. In the photo,the spectators; men and women, display great admiration for this Lady in a fancy hat and dress with the sleeves rolled up pulling with one hand a saw longer than she was tall.

I don't know Kristen, but like her, Ruby's finesse was borne from maintaining a woodshed to heat her house. She beat out the competition of the professional loggers who had started using chainsaws by the late forties.

Another event that Ruby won hands down was the rowboat races. That one got her honors from the Coast Guard. Made a great photo also.

Is somebody afraid of strong women? Put your lame excuses away and honor the spirit in which this gal has offered her demonstration. Grandma Ruby would figure you all for a bunch of pantywaists. Shame on you.

Anybody else interested in reviving the rowboat races for future years?

John Stewart
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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