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Campaigns Notified of Sign Encroachment


July 30, 2004

The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities recently sent letters to all candidates for public office in the upcoming primary and general elections, alerting campaigns of state law prohibiting the placement of signs inside or within 660 feet of state highway rights-of-way.

The law requires that signs placed within the state's right-of-way be removed immediately. Those placed on private land within 660 feet of the right-of-way are considered outdoor advertising and have to be removed after 30-day notice is provided to the campaign and the property owner.

"We are expecting a typical campaign season, but wanted to make sure every candidate is aware of the rules regarding sign placement along Alaska's highways," said Alasak DOT&PF Commissioner Mike Barton. "Candidates make a significant investment in their signs,and should take the time to ensure their volunteers understand where signs can be erected, as well as what the law requires when they are put up in or near state right-of-way. Failure to observe these requirements could jeopardize Alaska's federal highway funding."

In addition to signs, vehicles parked in the right-of-way for the purpose of displaying campaign signs are also subject to removal. Barton noted that often campaigns workers are simply unaware of the prohibition, or may not realize where the right-of-way begins and ends. In other instances, signs or clusters of signs at busy intersections may present a traffic hazard, reducing drivers' sight distance.

The law provides that signs that are removed by DOT&PF can be retrieved by the campaigns at a cost of $50 per sign. The cost of towing an illegally parked vehicle will be charged to the vehicle's owner.

For more information on state highway routes covered by state and federal laws prohibiting sign placement, click here.


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Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities
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