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Rubber Duck Race Winners Announced
First City Rotary's 16th Annual Rubber Duck Race
by M.C. Kauffman


July 04, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - The winning rubber ducks are in for the First City Rotary's 16th Annual Rubber Duck Race. The payoff was big for Harley Lewis whose lucky rubber duck claimed the 1st place prize. Winning the race down Ketchikan Creek, Lewis' swift little rubber duck
jpg rubber duck
brought home the big bucks for Lewis in the amount of $2,500.

Following close behind Lewis' duck, was Henry Keene's rubber ducky. Keene's quick moving little rubber duck claimed the second place winning pot for Keene in the amount of $1,500.

Giving Lewis' and Keene's rubber ducks competition for the big prizes was Terrence Robbins' rubber duck which claimed the 3rd place position. This lucky little rubber ducky netted the winning purse of $1,000 for Robbins.

According to Susan Bethel, outgoing First City Rotary President, the funds will be used for local activities such as purchasing playground equipment for the residents' grandchildren at the Pioneer Home and a bicycle safety program.

Incoming First City Rotary President Roger Maynard said the Rubber Duck Race is their one big fund raiser for the year. The money raised from this event runs their charitable programs for the year. Maynard said, "We make money and give it away."

According to Maynard approximately $34,400 was raised. However, the official figures were not available Sunday evening.

First City Rotary's 16th Annual Rubber Duck Race took place on the Fourth of July.


The 2004 Rubber Duck Race Winners

Place Ticket #        Winner


01  1719  Harley Lewis 
$1,500 02 3367  Henry Keene
$1,000  03 2814 Terrence Robbins
 $100  04 2211 Jos Govaars
  $100  05 2056 Norma Hornbaker
  $100  06 934  Cindy Klorin
  $100  07 2491 Carrie Tocco
  $100  08  3473 Rolf Vick 
$100  09 1485   D. Rosenfeld
$100  10 2258  Michael Brooks
$50  11 1201  Kris Jenson
$50  12 2101   Cathy LeCompte
$50  13 1991  Genia Smith
$50 14  3472  Clarke Stosick
$50  15 1596  Freda Driscoll
$50  16  1638  Levy Inoncillo
$50  17 2886  Clay Bezenek
$50 18 2544   Linda Heller
$50  19 1168  Lynne Costillo
$50  20 2759   Louise Charles



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