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Re: Peace in our homes
by John Stewart


July 31, 2004

The discourteous attitude of some of our local flightseeing services is more rude because it is unnecessary. It is also bad business. How can I recommend unprofessional conduct?

An even more important aspect of this problem however is safety. Tongass narrows is an extremely busy waterway with commuters, fishing boats, tug and barge, cruisers, cruise ships and their lighters, taxi service, and airplanes.

Over the years I've had several close calls between boat and airplane, once having a plane nearly land on top of my skiff; I was under the wing when it touched down.

I have long thought that what was needed was an area designated floatplane priority and marked by buoys. The logical area would of course be on the Gravina shore near the airport. Now that we have a water taxi service it could be practical.

In the meantime, it is good business to be a good neighbor.

John Stewart
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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