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Almost that time again
by Cecelia Johnson


July 30, 2004

It is almost time for school to begin.  I volunteer as much as I can but this last year I had health problems that prevented me from helping our community.  I need to comment on our school system and the staff.  For the most part we have caring teachers and administration but there is one pet peeve that I need to state. 
In my volunteer work I noticed something that was lopsided.  There is a "Nice Kid" section at the Schoenbar school and I saw young kids being cited as nice when I observed and knew different.  These kids that, indeed, were not nice were given certificates for being nice.  That gives our young upcoming adult community members mixed messages.  It is our responsibility as adults to teach our young people about how the world works. Schoenbar and even Kayhi have signs all around the school about respect but I would like to hear that School Assembly and Student staff have it as an agenda item at every meeting.  As student staff they can be role models for respect and kindness.  Let's not only be kind to administration and teachers but kind to each other.  Acknowledge each other.  In the adult world we don't have to like each other but we instill in ourselves tolerance and understanding thus comes respect! 

Cecelia Johnson
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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