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RE: Fire on the Dock
by Darlene Guzman


July 29, 2004

As we enjoy a warmer and dryer than usual summer, we face the concerns of fire in areas where wooden board walks, streets, and docks are exposed to careless individuals who feel it's necessary to drop their burning cigarette butts on the ground. One careless person started a fire on Dock 1A last week and if the fire department hadn't acted so quickly we may have lost the dock and a few buildings, not to mention endangering the public and responders. We continously face this problem and not just in the summer. I'm not sure how to rectify it without banning smoking in public and that may not go over very well. I'm hoping the public can help by approaching these individuals that toss their "butts" and warn them that littering is illegal and if their butts happen to catch something on fire, then the littering charge turns to arson.

Darlene Guzman
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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