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Re: Peace in our homes
by Karen Ramsey


July 26, 2004

I read with empathy Mr. Jirschele's letter bemoaning the situation regarding float planes flying too low over homes on Pennock Island. Many pilots are also notorious for cutting corners over the Point Higgins area where they are not in a takeoff or landing pattern.  Seems to me it's just a matter of time before one of these planes (or helicopters) crashes into a residential area.
I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Jirschele's statement, "I wish someone would blow the dust off the old agreement and have the gentlemen and gentlewomen of the Tongass Aircraft Pilots Association sign it again." I called a local carrier the other day to protest after my home was buzzed by one of their planes flying so low I could clearly see the numbers on it.  I had previously been advised that if the plane's number is readable as it's flying over, then it is too low.  
And yes, many people like to sleep in past 6:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings, and inconsiderate pilots flying too low should be taken to task.  I can't believe the gall of some of the pilots' reactions to complaints!  Such comments make it clear that it's less a problem due to high fuel costs or time considerations than plain and simple disregard for residents.  I'm sure there are plenty of others who are upset by this, as well.  Thank you to Pacific Airways and to other pilots and carriers who perform their jobs professionally!  Thank you too, Mr. Jirschele, for bringing this annoyance to light in a public forum.
Karen Ramsey
Ward Cove, AK - USA


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