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Shame, shame
by Arilee Bird


July 23, 2004

Oh, aren't we feeling like our youngsters who, last year, greeted the Greenpeace ship with their pants down?!! Who's got their pants down now? Right around their ankles! How arrogant, Greenpeace! Weigh anchor under orders to stay until compliance!!!! Ignore our Alaskan protection laws! Shame, shame on you!

Grin, Southeast Alaska! They'd better be red-faced! If only we had the public-relations budget (where?????) to let this one fly in their faces nationwide, global wide!

We Alaskans take care of and protect our Home! Amen!

Greenpeace, you really don't need to come back to "educate" us..... looks like we need to educate you a little more, if you would listen!

Arilee Bird
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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