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Energy Security
by Bill Thomas Sr.


July 20, 2004

Gov. Murkowski has had many definitions and twists on describing ANWR. Energy Security is catchy but offers no security. In a terrorist scheme of things, a petroleum carrying pipeline 1000 miles in length traversing through first nation communities and land and not leaving a scar or cultural disruption through being treated like second class citizens as did happen when Prudhoe Bay was developed. Carnage for 1000 miles was all that the majority of tribes was able to see. Broken families, disrupted way of life. A Governor worth his salt and one that was born and raised in Alaska sounds and acts like he was born and raised in the bible belt.

I would like to know how energy would be secure from insurgents with out using the political favorites of "could" "can' might" "should".

Is there training Alaskans and tribal members to journeyman level of performance so they can do the job and help with security considerations. Rather than bringing in a work force and send more payroll out of state. I'm not convinced that we need to tap ANWR. If we did feel it needed to be, it would have been pumped dry by now and the likes of Haliburton wouldn't look back. Where were we prior to oil pipeline? What happens when the well is dry. If we're going to diversify the harvest of our natural resources, we better get used to the taste now.


Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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