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Green fools
by Robert McRoberts


July 17, 2004

All the thing these people say is so much out of date. Every one knows that the way logging was done in the last few decades was a little hard on our environmental views. But those days are gone. We as people should, and most of us do, understand if we take a tree and manufacture the whole thing down to the lumber right here we get the most out of it. Well every one but Mental Heath and the Native groups that cleared their whole hillsides and made it look bad for all to see. If Sealaska and Klukwan had built mills long ago they would have been able to keep their people working instead of spoiling them with free money. But that's all hindsight.

But it doesn't make sense after they cleared all the good trees to start welcoming Greenpeace and be so worried about their land.The Forest Service has only been taking a little here and a little there for years and most all is manufactured here. So they're the last people that Greenpeace should be worried about.

I also have a comment on some conservation group leader who has forgotten to pay his bill to me for removing a stump in his backyard going on four years. I can see what kind of people you are.

My word to Greenpeace sell your boats, use the money to fight forest fires - they destroy more forests in one week than loggers do in one year. Wake up, go back to your rich parents and try to save the planet from corporate greed. Over population and greed is destroying the world.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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