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by Linda Hansen


July 17, 2004

What percentage is the federal government going to make off of opening ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge)? I know that it said that the United States will have an advantage. But how much is it going to help Alaskans? I know that this will create jobs - this is good. But then we will get a lot of people from the lower 48 states, then once again rent, food and gas will go back up - not to mention the crime rate.

So again, what is the federal government going to get out of this - all of it or is this going to be growth for Alaska? And is the money going to stay in Alaska? Money is needed for the children's education, health care for children and elders. My mother can't even get a hearing aid. She will be 81 years old and had to scrimp and save to by a used one that the specialist was kind enough to let her make payments on.

So again. Will Alaska prosper or is it going to be the federal government? I would like to see ANWR open but not if it's because the federal government wants more money.

Linda Hansen
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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