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by Brandi Conway


July 17, 2004

Why do we Alaskans have to get Greenpeace's approval for logging? Since when did they make our job decisions - or why have we let them? I say open the forest for logging even old growth. Why let the tree die another way such as beetles, forest fire, or being struck by lightning? I say get use out of the big old trees before they die.

I support logging especially since I have heard rumored that tree saplings are planted back in the area. I am not sure if it is 100% true, but I do remember during the 4th of July parades when they use to hand out little tree saplings.

I am curious to know to what extent Greenpeace goes to protect the environment. Do they do without toilet paper ,paper towels, reading books, writing tablets, is their homes made up of any wood products? We all know that the above items come from the precious trees they do not want to let Alaskans cut down.

How about other pollutants such as air (driving cars, Arctic Sunrise, wood stoves,)? Heck I can go on and on but I won't. What it boils down to is that the environmentalists go from town to town preaching up a storm about how we are destroying the ozone layers or doing other damage to the earth and air, shutting down job after job. However do they do away with the fringed benefits to better the environment themselves? I think not. They shouldn't be taken seriously until they can live what they preach.

If anyone from Greenpeace reads this, please explain to me how you guys can live with yourselves knowing good and well that you have put hundreds, possibly thousands of people out of work doing what you do? What exactly is the problem with cutting down old trees? Give me one good reason why we should not use the tree before it dies?

Folks I will end this letter now cause you know how I can rant forever... but keep in mind that Ketchikan's community isn't what it use to be. We are out of many jobs because of them (peace bringers). It is time to stand up and say NO. No more will we let them dictate what we can and can not do to our lands here? That should be a choice we make as a community.

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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