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Thank You Ketchikan
by Gretchen Klein


July 16, 2004

Ketchikan Youth Court appreciates all the dedicated volunteers and continued donations from the community. The donations have allowed members to travel to training, hold conferences, help their peers, mentor elementary children, and continue their community service projects. The citizens of Ketchikan should be proud of the KYC members who have started the program, and those who have continued to join, and take part in one or more aspects of the program. It is an awesome way for them to build their resumes in the highly competitive world of business.

They touch the community and their peers in many ways. KYC youth court members work hard at fundraising to keep their program alive. True, most of their limited operating funds have come from grants, but over the last six years the youth have done wood sales, raffles sales, and a variety of other fund raising campaigns to have some cushion for a rainy day.

KYC is struggling like everyone but will continue on the limits funds. KYC members and clients have achieved many little triumphs by helping with many projects in the community. The youth of Ketchikan deserve an opportunity to be great leaders, fund developers, and have ownership in their own program. KYC members and many past clients have become hard working group of youth in Ketchikan.

They truly have worked very hard at fundraising. Thank you, Ketchikan for continuing to support this program through your donations.

Raffle tickets can bought a booths at Carrs or Wal-Mart during the weekends or at the office.

It is only $10.00 a ticket and a chance at $1,000 first prize. Please help the kids keep their program strong. They do a lot of good work in the community.

Gretchen Klein
KYC Program Manager
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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