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God peace
by George Miller


July 16, 2004

I read one letter writer who saw the word 'allow' in GPeace' statement, found in Ketchikan Daily News. The word allow seems to pre-suppose some authority to either allow, or disallow various action on the part of industry, or communities. In reality in seems that the platform for Gpeace to say such things is a product of imagination, or assuming to represent through law a group who has elected them into some position. Though most of this regional community would like to see the place kept nice, since we live here all the time, we also elect people to operate under the mind of the people and the law of the land. Such does not seem to be the case for various groups, trained to put communities out of business through wrong use of the judicial system, which was designed to help comminities and individuals against unlawful piracy, harm to citizens, and those who come in to usurp the flow of a peaceful region.

Lawlessness is a product of spiritual darkness and un-enlightned minds. We are designed to know our Creator intimately and enjoy Him forever. When we try to fill that basic human desire with various natural zeal for this, or that, super-important cause, we not only miss the point of life, but will not be found to be good at 'keeping the earth' either.

In short, we will be spiritually mis-aligned trouble makers, going about fervently doing things which will never fill our need for a purposeful life. But we will just turn up more personal energy toward the next merely natural cause, in hopes that this may be the mother load. Those who will move into environmental causes with a God (Jesus Christ) enlighted heart and mind will be far more able to be the 'keepers of the earth' that Jesus mentioned the His Gospels. They will see clearly, have pure motives, not be seekiing notoriety, and will love the people who are in a place, seeing them as far more than just resource users. There is no peace apart fom God Peace, and His peace will enable those who appropriate it to really do some redemptive exploits world-wide, including bringing real solutions to our environment.

George Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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