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What does Ketchikan get?
by Chris Wilhelm


July 16, 2004

Editor Sitnews:

The state's Mental Health board is making me cross-eyed & crazy. If logging Deer Mountain, Minerva Mountain, and Gravina Island weren't enough! On to Leask Lakes! The Mental Health board does not let the public provide input on its decisions. Instead, they will take the trees from our viewshed and popular recreation areas and sell them overseas in the round. No processing, no thank you. Just the big trees for export.

Mental Health does not have to follow any of the guidelines established by the Forest Service for logging and processing.

What does Ketchikan get? Loggers from down below to cut trees for a few months. No logs will be processed here. Nothing for the veneer plant. Nothing for local sawmills. Mental Health takes the money back to Juneau. The Asians take our world's finest old growth high grade Sitka spruce trees. Ketchikan takes a backseat to corporate interests from OUTSIDE and gets a clearcut view of Gravina. I get it.

Ketchikan gets the stumps. Now I live in the 3rd world.

Our local representatives seem to be powerless to alter this course.

Mental Health Lands Trust is charged with protecting the long-term productivity of Trust Land, maximizing long-term revenue from Trust Land, and diversifying revenue-producing uses of Trust Land, to be managed prudently and with accountability to its beneficiaries.

Please join me in writing the Mental Health board and express your sentiments.


Chris Wilhelm



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