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RE: Open Letter to Sen. Murkowski
by Linda Hanson


July 12, 2004

I am writing as I know how you feel Jamie, I also have a granddaughter that I haven't seen in approximately five years due to the fact that her mother is still angry with my son and will not acknowledge us as a part of her life. My granddaughter's name is Raven, born July 20, 1995. Her birthday is soon and we have missed so many of them. My heart hurts as my husband, her papa, is so sick and in need of a liver transplant here in the very near future.

Raven loved her papa so much and my fear is now she probably doesn't remember us as she was only about four the last time we got to be with her. She is so loved and has a family that loves her so very much that I hope and pray everyday that we will get to be with her once again. To send her a card or a gift on holidays or just because we love her so very much, to see photos of her, that's all we ask just to be a part of her life.

So I pray for you that you will once again be with your loved one. God Bless you.

Linda Hanson
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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