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Let's focus on what should be done...
by Tony Hatano-Worrell


July 09, 2004

To Mr. Hoff and Mr. Johansen,

Hello from Tony Worrell (now Tony Hatano-Worrell). Having grown up in Ketchikan and lived there for 27 years, I know you both, and despite any words written with strong feelings involved in this discussion of the bridge, I also know you two to be men of good hearts.

It seems to me that, rather than getting off the point and questioning each other's character, we should first answer one question.

That is, are there graves on Pennock Island?

And if so, should we build a bridge over them?

And if, as Mr. Hoff questioned, several letters ago, it were the other way around, such as someone wanting to build over the Bayview Cemetary gravesites, where others of our friends, relatives, and loved ones are also buried, how would we feel about that?

In answer to the question of graves on Pennock Island: I have seen them myself, as a young man, exploring the woods there. They do exist.

You both know I cannot claim the status of Native American Indian. I am a pale pinkish/light orange type. But I have seen the graves; they do exist, and so it seems to me we need to now consider this point, and discuss what is fair and right to do about it, rather than to continue to question whom is a rascist, whom is a zealot, whom is a which or a what. The fact is, neither Kyle Johansen nor Don Hoff can be limited to the box of a name or a label. You are both good men, complex but caring individuals, who happen to have different opinions. Let us leave it at that, and now determine what should be done about the graves on Pennock.

In friendship,

Tony Hatano-Worrell
Kanayama, Japan


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